Organic Weed Killer - A Case for Organic Gardening

Our Story - Our Roots; How Our Organic Weed Killer Was Invented

I had a passion for organic gardening

I grew up around plants and nature. Since I was a little kid, I enjoyed spending as much times as possible outside, playing in the field next to our house, foraging in the local woods, or riding my bike to local pond. It was this upbringing that pushed me to seek a job in the horticultural field, working in the nursery and landscape space for nearly two decades. I was able to take my passion for nature, and make a career out of it, and I was happy doing so.

I don't know if many of you are familiar with ornamental production practices, and open field container growing, but weed control and pest management are big problems for any farmer - especially those in the horticulture industry. The consumer has come to expect that anything they purchase at the nursery is weeds free. Any why wouldn't they, no one likes weeds.

It was only when I went home, and looked around my shed, that I realized that I had nothing that would be able to control my small garden weeds. I grew my own veggies and fruits at the time - for fall canning - and I wanted the best possible (herbicide free) future for my produce. "Perhaps a trip to the local garden center would solve my natural weed killer need" - I thought to myself as I grabbed the key to my car and prepared to make the journey.

After what seemed like hours in the garden center, and a lengthy conversation with the manager whom I knew by name at this point - I was advised that the limited natural weed control methods available to me where either too expensive, laborious, or had limited efficacy to combat even the smallest of my dandelion problems. I needed the best dandelion killer this world had to offer - and I wasn't going to stop!

So, armed with a bit of research knowledge, the connections I made working in the nursery, and my back yard garden as a test filed - I decided to make my own all natural dandelion killer! And the rest, well, as the saying going - is history.